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Born in Belgium, educated at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp,              

and currently based in the US, I am a contemporary art Photographer specializing in on-set and portrait photography, with a passion for poetic landscapes.


I am a member of the International Cinematographers Guild Local 600,working on commercial, film and TV sets with Directors such as Nicolas Winding Refn, Mike Mills, John Hillcoat, Paul Hunter, Mark Romanek, and many more.  Recent commercial clients include Apple, Amazon, NFL, Gillette, Forcepoint, Lincoln, and Volvo.


Onset Photography  


White Widow // Henry Mason

Gringo // Nash Edgerton

This Close // Joshua Feldman - Shoshannah 

Hit TV // Saman Kesh

Bad Santa 2 // Mark Waters

20th Century Women // Mike Mills

The Neon Demon // Nicolas Winding Refn

Broken Vows // Bram Coppens

Print Photography 


General Electric,Miller ,Nintendo, American Express,Lexus, Dockers, Lincoln,Volvo, Nintendo, Gillet, Novartis, ,HP, Nike, Apple, Toyota, Core, Samsung, Huawai, Amazon, Autotrader, and many more     



John Hillcoat, Brian Lee Hughes, Nicolas Winding Refn, Paul Hunter, Brent Harris, Marco Gentile, Bram Coppens, Cole Webley, Greg Brunkalla, Renny Maslow,

Paul Minor, Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Romanek, Ted Melfi.


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